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Friday, August 13, 2010

eta skof chips

My bag of Eta Skof... Yums Cheese & Onion Munchos.

Found this new product, Eta Skof, really interesting.

Just a brief introduction, this is a puffed corn cereal snack, probably made from an extrusion process. The snack comes in various flavours, such as spicy tomato, and cheese and onion; etc. And no, it is not an Australian product. It’s from New Zealand.

Anyway, what’s so interesting about it? Well, turn to the back and read the expiry date.

It says: “Best Before – You starve to death.” And then proceeds to show the actual expiry date.

Evidence... See what I meant??? Cute eh?!

So tongue in cheek! Every different flavour has got their own “best before” message. How nice. I can’t remember the rest, as I only identified with this one I am showing on my blog. It was the most fun out of the lot. Haha…

I like its playful view on an important food label regulation. It just amazes me how much we tend to forget to enjoy ourselves in our lives. Sometimes we really need to loosen up and just breathe and live for the moment.

And yes, the product is quite tasty as well. Not overly salty, yet just enough to tantalize your taste buds. Nice! A tad expensive though; at AUD$2.40 per (100g net) bag. I mean, it is cheap in terms of Australian standards, but not that cheap in terms of it being a new product. I can just imagine how much it would cost in a year’s time. I dare not even think about it! I mean, it is a well known fact that product pricing in Australia consistently increases every 6 months to 1 year.

Oh well, I shall just enjoy my Eta Skof cereal snack for now, and worry about everything else in the future. -Cross fingers-